We help increase the sustainability of our society through diverse activities.


Helping secure seamless medical service, even in disaster situations

The uninterrupted distribution of medical supplies is indispensable to the seamless provision of medical attention in emergency situations such as earthquakes, typhoons, torrential rain, or heavy snow. As a group of companies involved in medical care, MEDIUS considers itself responsible for maintaining solid disaster preparedness. Our Metropolitan Logistics Center keeps an inventory of over 10,000 items. It is located in an area that is unlikely to become inaccessible in a disaster situation, has a seismically isolated structure including the truck ramp, and is equipped with an off-grid power system that can last 72 hours and a satellite phone. Our readiness enhancement efforts include the ability to establish disaster response headquarters at multiple locations and close-to-reality simulation exercises. These industry-leading efforts garner high praise from many of the hospitals designated as Disaster Base Hospitals in the metropolitan area that house (and would house) large numbers of patients.


Medi-Message is an event we organize to allow the public to get to know real medical care providers and become familiar with medical equipment. It has been held every year since 2007. With the kind guidance and assistance of the governments and medical associations concerned, the demonstrations and lectures help increase public awareness about the importance of medical services, particularly among the “future doctors and healthcare providers.”

Operating room information sharing system “MORISS®"

Surgeries require a high number of medical supplies. For instance, in orthopedic surgeries, about several hundred to one thousand different medical supplies are necessary to address all cases. Conventionally, they were made ready for use in operating rooms based on the knowledge and expertise of the medical staff. With increasing digitalization, MEDIUS has helped ensure the safety of operating rooms by consolidating the data management of medical supplies. This system ensures that supplies are ready to be put to use and that the data are shared with the operating room personnel.


All medical institutions are being pressured to offer higher quality medical services and improve their efficiency and profitability in the face of the declining and aging population and the resulting reforms in the national healthcare system. One of the most important missions of our Group is to deliver medical supplies that best suit the needs of front-line healthcare providers. MEDIUS listens attentively to their voices in the planning and development of our own private brand products “ASOURCE® SELECT” and explores further opportunities for offering newer products in response. We do not seek to enable the mass-supply of low-cost products; rather, we aim to achieve a balance between quality and price in our ASOURCE® SELECT series of products. As a manufacturer of medical supplies instead of a distributor, we are responsible for selecting and offering products. For example, we select overseas outsourcing plants in consideration of political and other risk factors in order to ensure a stable supply of reliable products to our customers. From the environmental point of view, we avoid coal-burning plants and choose those with liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities or systems for utilizing waste heat from incineration plants. In addition, as a matter of course, we abide by regulations regarding the wastewater of immersion and ultrasonic cleaning agents and the recycling labels for container and packaging of our products, and all other applicable environmental regulations. Through the supply of such products, we will continue to serve the medical circle with enhanced security and safety.

For sustainable business operations

We require a sound, transparent, and sustainable corporate management infrastructure in order to contribute to the medical services of the future. MEDIUS has established Corporate Governance Guidelines and Transparency Guidelines to ensure the transparency, soundness, and profitability of the group’s companies. The board of directors, which includes outside directors, effectively deliberates on management strategies and major challenges from a broad perspective, ensuring the sustained growth of MEDIUS Group and its solid governance regime.

We comply with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and regulations pertaining to company management, as well as the Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and other pertinent laws and regulations. We obtain necessary licenses and permits, serve notifications and reports, and disclose the necessary information duly and in a timely manner. In addition, we place high priority on environmental protection in all of our business activities and observe all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and internal rules with a view to minimizing their impact on the global environment.