Our Business

There is a way to solve the problem.
We solve problems by utilizing our advanced expertise in medical equipment supply systems and our pioneering management system.

Medical Equipment Sales

We handle over 300,000 products ranging from syringes, gauze, and other necessary medical consumables to our most advanced medical system - the da Vinci surgical support robot system. We supply the medical field with every kind of product other than pharmaceuticals, whenever they are needed. In addition, we strive to disseminate novel medical devices and technologies, with the aim of realizing a society in which everyone receives superior medical care.

Medical Equipment Repair and Maintenance

In addition to providing s table supplies of medical equipment, we also handle repairs and after-sales service for medical equipment that our group companies sell to hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as general maintenance of medical equipment based on maintenance contracts with hospitals and medical facilities. Our specialized staff members have undergone training to improve their knowledge and skills, and they constantly maintain he right usage environment to support greater peace of mind and comfort in the medical workplace.

Nursing Care and Welfare Equipment Sales

Our business includes sales and rental of nursing care and welfare equipment, for which needs have been increasing recently, to hospitals, nursing care facilities, and general individuals. One of our key features is the way we actively incorporate superior welfare equipment from Scandinavian countries, which are known for their highly-developed welfare systems. We also sell and rent on-board medical instruments for ambulance, AEDs, and other emergency supplies and equipment with high social needs.

Solution-Oriented Business

Creating our own original medical system and supporting medical institutions.
It's not only medical equipment that is undergoing rapid changes; the services asked of us are also becoming more sophisticated and complicated on a daily basis. Services that we have developed in response to these needs include "meccul," our system that analyzes medical institutions' inventory management and purchases and enables visualization of the data to reduce waste and mistakes, and the "SURGELANE®" program that supports more efficient operations in the operating room. We thus play an important role in discovering issues for improvement in the medical environment and developing human resources who have desire to take on new challenges to reach solutions.


We are putting justice before profit.
Awareness and responsibility in the field of medical care. First and foremost, we are medical professionals, then businesspersons.

Being involved in the medical field means we have an extremely heavy responsibility.
The basic standard of judgment must always be ethical compliance.
We aim to be Japan's best, not only in terms of the scale of our business and the quality of the services we provide, but also in our attitude as medical professionals.